Cremation Selections

At Massapequa Funeral Home selecting cremation does not limit personalization and service options.Everything available for traditional funerals is available with cremation.

With traditional burial, you need a cremation casket and burial urn. We have a wide selection of top quality urns at reasonable costs.

For permanent possession, we offer decorative urns to elegantly display in your home and designer keepsake jewelry to encase the cremated remains in a precious pendant.

If you prefer to scatter the cremated remains, you may select an urn, especially designed for scattering so the urn can be a vase, a jewelry box or an art piece after the scattering. We offer many options from which to select or families can custom order unique pieces, but you will need a temporary container to protect the remains until the scattering ceremony. We can also inform you of the local laws regarding scattering.

Our staff is available to answer any questions you have regarding cremation. Let Massapequa Funeral Home help you determine your final wishes.